The world is our Ad-ground

August 26, 2015
Jay Patel

We are surrounded by advertising. Take a look around, and you will spot at least 5 different brands screaming for your attention. But how can you rise from this clutter? How can you make your brand be that one brand which catches the eyes of the audience?
Ambient Advertising was coined as a term in the early 90s when clients started asking their agencies to do “something a little different” for them. So instead of the usual outdoor billboards, print and television ads, they started to place ads on unusual items or unusual places. The medium which carried these messages came to be known as Ambient Media, and this form of advertising came to be known as Ambient Advertising. Now ads were placed on escalators, near the doormats, inside buses, and toilets too. These unusual places were very effective in generating the buzz. Brands stood out with these tactics and got noticed.
However, marketers are never really satisfied. Some decided to rise beyond this clutter too. Rather than placing their ads at unusual places or on unusual items, they now decided to use the available ambience to effectively convey their message, or simply catch the eye. Here are a few examples of some successful ambient advertisements.

Ambient Advertising can be costly or cost-effective. The first and the third picture are examples of cost effective ambient advertising, while the second picture takes a costlier route.
All it takes is wild imagination and high creativity to create a successful Ambient Advertising campaign. They are a fun way to get your brand noticed. Have any ideas for simple and effective ambient advertising for your favorite brand? Share them with us in the comment section below.

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