Real-Time Marketing!

August 26, 2015
Jay Patel

Introducing you straight to it, Real-time marketing is creating a strategy based on current, relevant trends and immediate feedback from customers. It is marketing that is based on up-to-date events, instead of creating a marketing plan well in advance and executing it later. But real-time marketing does involve a hell lot of planning, awareness, and of course, creativity.
Real-time marketing has its origins in CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Back in mid-1990s when CRM developed in retail banking, investment banking and telecommunication companies, from it sprang the techniques of real-time marketing. With Facebook, Twitter and other forms of social media getting prominence-brands were compelled to establish their identities on social networking sites to engage with their customers. CRM was taken to a new level, social networking demanded brands to be more responsive to customer queries and match their pace. While companies realized that they can solve queries through social networking sites, they also realized that they could engage their customers from minute to minute ensuring that their brand stays on the top of customer’s mind.
While random brand related updates do work, what works better is interesting take on current happenings. This gives a fresh feel to the brand every time, also suggesting that the brand belongs to the present time, and is not a thing of the past. Real-time marketing plays out really smoothly, more like a conversation, and you are often unaware that it is marketing that plays in front of you. Allow us to demonstrate with a few examples.

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